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New technology to create captioned video from newspaper article

Norihiko Sawa in Digital Organization Unit in Digital Business Department of Nikkei Inc. (CEO: Naotoshi Okada, Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) has developed technology that can automatically create 3~4 line caption from a newspaper article and generate captioned videos. This generated movie which is quite like a picture-story show enables us to grasp the news instantly without reading the whole article. We are currently applying for a patent as technology unique to Nikkei. This technology has already installed in “NIKKEI Wave” which is an iOS app of The Nikkei Online Edition,

Since the number of The Nikkei Online Edition subscriber who read the articles with their smartphones is rapidly increasing, we are delivering about 900 touchscreen friendly news clips per day. For the busy business person, captioned news video would help them keep updated with the latest news information more easily.

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