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3-lines caption can now be created automatically from newspaper article with new technology

Nikkei Inc. (CEO: Naotoshi Okada, Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) has developed technology that can automatically create 3-lines summary caption from a newspaper article and currently applying for a patent as technology unique to Nikkei. Since this new technology can generate the summarized article efficiently and quickly, this helps the newsroom to free up working hours. The day that this technology is used on-site is not far.

On the top page of The Nikkei Online Edition operated by Nikkei Inc., a 3-lines news summary article is always listed. Currently, this summary article is edited by our editor, but by using the natural language processing technology that we developed and applied for a patent, it is possible to automatically generate a 3-lines summary by extracting the sentences from an article and compressing each sentence as needed.

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